Toronto-based IA Clarington Investments Inc. has announced three new mutual funds and a new subadvisory relationship with New York-based PineBridge Investments LLC, a global asset manager with over US$85 billion in assets under management.

"We are very excited to be partnering with PineBridge Investments as we expand our active income offerings," says Eric Frape, senior vice president, products and investments with IA Clarington, in a statement. "With its global footprint, local knowledge and deeply experienced, research-driven portfolio managers, PineBridge Investments is impressively positioned to deliver the income solutions many investors are looking for."

Meanwhile, IA Clarington's three new mutual funds are designed for investors who might not receive the income they desire from traditional, domestic fixed-income. The new funds offer the yield-enhancing potential of active, high-conviction exposure to an array of geographic regions and income-producing asset classes, the firm says in a news release.

"In addition to our exciting new partnership with Pine Bridge Investments, we are also thrilled to offer investors a new income solution that brings together the experience and expertise of IA Financial Group chief economist Clément Gignac, Forstrong Global Asset Management president and chief investment officer Tyler Mordy and the broad, deep bench strength of IA Clarington's active portfolio managers," Frape adds.

The three new funds are as follows:

> IA Clarington Emerging Markets Bond Fund, which is managed by PineBridge Investments and invests in three primary market asset classes: hard currency sovereign bonds, local currency sovereign bonds and corporate bonds. The fund provides potential of higher yields and a lower interest rate risk compared with traditional fixed-income.

> IA Clarington Global Bond Fund, which is managed by PineBridge Investments and invests in up to 16 fixed-income asset classes employing an unconstrained, global approach. The fund offers potential for higher yields and reduced interest rate risk in contrast to traditional fixed-income.

> IA Clarington Global Yield Opportunities Fund, which is managed by Gignac and Mordy, targets consistent monthly income and capital growth. The fund invests mainly in IA Clarington mutual funds, with diversification by geographical region and across a variety of income-oriented asset classes.

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