Winnipeg-based Investors Group Inc. has announced that it's altering its mutual fund line up to adapt to changing market conditions and better position client investments for growth.

"These changes will improve our ability to ensure client portfolios are best aligned to address their unique needs," says Todd Asman, executive vice president of products and financial Planning at Investors Group. "Our pursuit of excellence in investment and portfolio management is fuelled by our strong commitment to putting clients first."

Some of these changes include tweaking the investment objectives and strategies of certain mutual funds by permitting them to invest in fixed-income, equity and asset classes within disclosed ranges, the statement says. Ideally, this will provide quicker responses to changing market conditions.

Investors Group also intends to modify specific corporate classes so they may invest in related unit trust fund versions for more effective portfolio management and reduced trading costs. These proposed changes are expected to occur on or about Sept. 6.

In addition, certain fees will be lowered between 0.25 basis points and 8.6 basis points on an annualized basis as of Sept. 1.

Investors Group has also proposed several fund mergers that are expected to take effect on or about the close of business on Sept. 8.

An entire list of affected mutual funds is available in the firm's news release.

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