After more than 15 years at Investment Executive (IE) — the last eight as editor-in-chief — I have decided that it's time to retire. I'll be taking a few months to decompress before moving on to the next challenge.

The last decade and a half has brought tremendous change to the financial services sector. Waves of regulation continually altered the landscape for financial advisors. New products — such as ETFs — proved to be immensely popular. Digital technology opened up innovative ways of connecting with clients and managing investments.

We have worked diligently to keep abreast of these developments and to highlight their significance to financial services sector professionals. I have no doubt that IE's tradition of providing objective, high-quality information and insightful analysis will continue.

There has also been a seismic shift in the media business. Digital technology has forever changed the way we deliver news and information. Our job has been to harness that technology in a way that satisfies the needs of both readers and advertisers.

I'd like thank IE's unparalleled editorial staff members for their expertise and dedication over the years. This truly unique group of writers and editors made my job a whole lot easier than it might otherwise have been. As well, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge with gratitude the hard work of our advertising team and the support our many advertisers, who put their faith in our publication from Day 1.

And finally, to our readers: Thank you for making us part of your business life. I know that everyone at IE remains dedicated to serving your needs.

Tracy LeMay,

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