Toronto-based Mackenzie Financial Corp. is adding to its product lineup by launching two mutual funds and an ETF. Mackenzie U.S. Strategic Income Fund invests primarily in U.S. dividend-paying equities and a diversified portfolio of fixed-income securities, including high-yield bonds and loans. This fund also actively manages exposure to foreign currency. Mackenzie Global Credit Opportunities Fund's objective is to provide unitholders with a high level of income and long-term capital growth potential. This fund can invest in investmentgrade and non-investment-grade corporate and government bonds, including emerging-market debt, loans and preferred shares. Mackenzie's newest ETF is Mackenzie Global High Yield Fixed-Income ETF. This actively managed ETF's investment objective is to provide income with the potential for longterm capital growth to help meet investors' cash flow and investment goals. To do so, the ETF's portfolio manager uses a specific criteria, which includes credit analysis, in order to find risk-adjusted opportunities within the high-yield asset class. For more details on these funds, including fees, visit


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